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Images, audio, and video make the web rich. Adding videos to your website certainly adds value to your content and increases the likelihood that your audiences would react to it. However, you would notice that most people using WordPress prefer to use a third-party video sharing service such as YouTube or Vimeo to upload their videos. You can upload videos on WordPress site, but there are advantages of these services over WordPress.


Embedding a video in WordPress is easier. You can share a video uploaded on YouTube or other video sharing sites by just pasting the URL in your blog posts. It is also easier to manage a channel on YouTube. On the other hand it is not so simple in WordPress to create a video section separately from your images and other uploads. You can take your video uploaded on YouTube to social media and reach out to a wider audience. By uploading your video on YouTube and other video sharing sites, you make it easier for your viewers to share your video.


Uploading videos to your website will cost you bandwidth. Higher quality videos cost more bandwidth. If you allow users to embed it on their own websites, then the bandwidth gets multiplied each time the video is embedded else where. You will probably also have to add more plugins to manage and display your videos. These plugins will also increase your server load.

Video Optimization

When you upload a video on sites like YouTube or Vimeo, they process each video for a better web experience. Viewers can choose whether they would like to watch your video in HD or on lower resolutions. 




Of course you can embed almost everything into WordPress, not only images, audio and video, but these three are most used. So used that the worlds largest photo service with more than a hundred years of photography, from FDR on the campaign trail to last Oscars, Getty images allowed embedding. Also if you need a quick image to cover the article the best way is to find it on any of the photo services and just embed it and quickly enrich your article. Hope you found this usefull.






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